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The research project "Yugen Butoh" concerns Luciana Elias' work as a performer, director, choreographer and dance coach.


Performance "OUI" in partnership with visual artist Driss Maaroufi, in Morocco. The work is the result of a one month artistic residency in intensive coexistence between the two artists. The artwork brings an intriguing crossing between cultures in a sensitive and provocative artistic dialogue. 




The "Oui" Experience

    Initially, I traveled to Morocco with the sole intention of creating and presenting a performance in partnership with the artist Driss Maaroufi. However, when I came across the city of Marrakesh and its local artists, some interesting invitations began to appear. The opportunity arose for me  to give a practical workshop and a lecture on Butoh dance to Moroccan actors and directors, for instance. I was also invited to  teach dance classes at public schools for teenagers, and children in vulnerable situations, and all that in addition to the development of the performance with Driss, in which I was able to experience an intensive artistic immersion with the artist, who kindly welcomed me into his home throughout this entire experience.

I named this entire intercourse with Morocco as "OUI" (yes, in French) as a summary of constantly making myself become more and more open to the new experiences and challenges provided by a great cultural difference. In a nutshell, this word basically sums up my overall experience in this city: yes, or oui

OUI to this city full of stories and perspectives, only apparently, distant from my reality,  where I could welcome what is different and also be very welcomed within all of this. OUI to experience enriching exchanges. OUI to this Marrakesh who embraced me and also let me embrace a little bit of its world.



Marrakech, Morocco 2019


Workshop in Marrakech

Lecture on butoh dance  and workshop for actors and directors, arranged by Union Marocaine des Arts Dramatiques. It was eight days of intensive practical activities with Moroccon artists of the theatre. 


Performance OUI

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