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Directing, collab, and choreography by Luciana Elias.


2021 - São Paulo, Brasil

Music VIdeo-Performance "moça, veja bem"

Music Video-Performance is a research created by Lina Tag and Luciana Elias, concerning the performative hybridism between scenic interpretation, inspirations in Japanese Butoh dance and Lina Tag's original songs. The movement research, under Luciana's direction, is part of an extensive experimental study and it is a result of the creative encounter between the two artists. The performance is recorded as a living experience and goes through a long and careful process of choreographic editing, attempting to fluidly cross acting, music and movement experimentation in order to create a sensorial experience for the spectator.


conception & creation: Luciana Elias and Lina Tag // direction: Luciana Elias // choreographic and movement coaching: Luciana Elias // acting and performance: Lina Tag // editing: Valerie Mesquita // co-editing: Lina Tag // colouring: Rafael Triandopolis // costume design: Jay Boggo // photography director : Pedro Maciel // photography director: Felipe Moraes // camera assistant: Phelipi Sgarbi // film set production: André Seraphico // executive production: Lina Tag // still photography: Will de Carvalho // backstage photography: Amanda Marques // filming location: Irapuru Criações, André Stoll e Letícia Stankus // lighting equipment: Satori Filmes, Katê Takai // /construction of scenic object: Grandpa Beto //dolly equipment: Kevin Hanser

2021 - São Paulo, Brazil

Brancos Corais - Alquimia Burajiru

Online Performance created in the pandemic.

“Alquimia Burajiru” is a body-voice-acting experiment in response to Bolsonaro's perverse government at a time when the Pantanal Forest is on fire due to  the sadistic and genocidal governance of Ricardo Salles, Bolsonaro's environmental minister.


Direction and Movement Coach: Luciana Elias // Performance and Song Author Lina Tag

Guitar performance: Romulo Fernandes // Lighting: Carlos Favalli

scripting: interviews with Rose, Manu, Chiara, Thallya, Débora // acting coach: Bruli // movement coach: Luciana Elias // makeup: Koichi Sonoda // filmmaking: Jade Mascarenhas // colouring: Lívia Jorge // collaboration: Yura Alice // executive producer, editing assistant and song author: Lina Tag

2020 - São Paulo, Brazil

Music Video "Lixo da Humanidade"

Music video for the song “Lixo da Humanidade” starring four trans women who live on the streets: Rose, Chiara, Manu and Thallya. Luciana Elias' body preparation attempted to open body possibilities to sensitive exploration in which the four women could experiment a place of tenderness, through dancing and connecting with their own bodies. 


Collaboration: Center for Adults in Street Situations Santo Amaro, especially Julio Barroso.


2019 - Marrakech, Morroco

Workshop in Marrakech

Lecture on butoh dance and workshop for actors and directors.

Organized by Union Marocaine des Arts Dramatiques. It was eight days of intensive practical activities with Morrocon artists of the theatre


2018 - João Pessoa, Brazil

Butoh Workshop 

Workshop  on basic movement researches regarding the butoh universe, by Luciana Elias.

Organised by Ministério da Cultura and Bradesco



2015 - São Paulo, Brazil

Dance show KOAN


Synopsis: In Zen Buddhism KOAN means small texts, stories, dialogues or parables that lead man to interpret life in a more subtle way, awakening his attention to another level of perception towards the passages of life. The choreographies will - symbolically -demonstrate an understanding of an individual who lives different experiences and is always changing. “When we think about the man who lives in the city, we believe that they also have the opportunity to be transformed, through self-observation, silence, reflection and interaction with others ”, says Sergio Ignacio, co-director of the show.

Choreographic collaboration Luciana Elias on the "Céu''scene in the show Koan. // Presented at: Auditório do MASP

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